When life gets in the way…

Etsy store update

So despite my optimism in the last post and my best efforts to get things finished, my store launch ended up being postponed.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to double my hours for my part-time job while we’ve been short staffed the last few months, and it’s really eaten into my time and energy 😥

On the plus side:

I’ve managed to use what little time I do have to come up with some cute sticker designs and make sure that I have all the correct packaging and tax codes (the boring stuff).

I’ve inevitability had to let go of some of the expectations I had for my shop, but ultimately these tough decisions should help me to create more content that I can truly be proud of in the future.

So the new plan is…

Now that I have a better understanding of myself and how much art I can turn out realistically under the current work situation, my new proposed date for opening my shop will be Friday 8th October.

This will of course be dependent of whether I can finish the tasks on my to do list, but right now that is just printing, product photography and promo images for social media.

Closing thoughts

To anyone who is thinking of selling their art, my advice is to make sure you do plenty of research first, try to have a realistic idea of what you can achieve, and don’t give up!

With any luck, I should be posting an official opening date announcement within the next week so watch this space! ❤

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